Velvet is considered as the luxurious material when it is used in the clothes, shoes and the bags  but when it comes to bikinis, the velvet bikinis are trending all over the world. Velvet bikinis? Like, seriously? Yes, it is the very new trend and the craze among the ladies since the beginning of the year 2017. Swimming with the velvet bikini might sound quite wired but actually it is not.

Velvet itself is being worn in the form of skirts, shorts, dresses, and even is carried in the form of bags and shoes since ages. It has always been the style statement on and off in the 1900s.

The revival of velvet fabric is pretty trendy these days, we’ve seen quite a lot of famous celebrities showing off their alluring and appealing bodies in the velvet bikinis and in velvet swim suits as well. The gorgeous Victoria’s secret model Bella Hadid was seen wearing a black two pieces velvet bikini during her vacations in Mexico. Kylie Jenner posted the photo on Instagram showing off her velvet bikini and the picture got 2.7 million likes making it the coolest trend of the 2017.

Most of the trends start with the Kardashians and Jenners. Either, it’s the hair style, clothes, make-up and even the beach wear or swim wear. What else can we expect when one of the Jenners posted the picture on Instagram with the velvet two pieces bikini? It literally sounds a bit crazy and wired if we talk about the bikini made out of velvet but actually it’s the coolest trend of the summers of 2017.

If we look at all these ladies and celebrities posting pictures all over the internet wearing the velvet bikini, the very first question that might pop up in our mind is either this stylish bikini can actually be worn while swimming. It seems like the velvet bikini is only for taking picture and showing off your style statement. The interesting fact is that is not. The fabric material used in making these super stylish velvet bikinis gives the luxurious velvet touch but it is surely does not get heavy when its wet or soaked in water unlike the normal velvet fabric. The fabric is quite stretchy unlike the normal velvet fabric.

Some famous bikini brands like Triangl, JYORK, luxe Noir and Liza Marie Fernandez are creating these stylish bikinis in two pieces and one piece. We can say that these velvet bikinis are stylish and quite practical at the same time. They are available by different brands in different colors and styles. The most common colors that are available in velvet bikini collection of almost all the brands and designers are baby blue, khaki, pink and Maroon.

Velvet bikinis are easy to wear, comfortable, stretchable, trendy, luxurious and stylish at the same time. They are comfortable while swimming as they do not get heavy while they are wet. So ladies, what are waiting for? Go get your velvet bikinis today and make your summers super cool and trendy!