Tropical Island is the place where you can relax and provide peace to your body, mind and soul and can give a chance to you to take a break from the tough, hectic routine of everyday life.

If we talk about islands, the picture that pops in your eyes is the beach side surrounded by palm trees and seeing a beautiful sunset and enjoying its view. Islands are the best destinations to visit if you are planning a vacation any sooner or having any plans to go on a vacation in the upcoming years.

In this article we are going to tell you about the top destinations for the vacationing on the islands in the summer days.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii:

Hawaii, the island that is famous for its bamboo forest, waterfalls and golden sand is just six hours flight away from the west coast of the USA. HaleaKala National Park is a best place for sight-seeing in Hawaii. Road to Hana is the most beautiful journey while you are traveling to east Maui via Hana highway. There are several other places in Maui and the whole island of Hawaii where you can go and enjoy your vacations.


Santorini, Cyclades:

Santorini islands, another beautiful destination where you can go on your vacation, it is the island in the Aegean Sea. It is also considered as the wedding destination for the couples because of its beautiful landscape.



Known as the “land of wood and water”, Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean to spend the vacations in. the spas of the Ocho Rios makes the stress run away in no time.

Turks and Caycos

Turks and Caicos:

The islands of Turks and Caicos, famous for its beach, diving, water sports and snorkeling because of the coral reef that is easily reached. It is located nearly six hundred and twenty miles away from Miami.


Bali, Indonesia:

Indonesia, the country of Islands, has this beautiful Island named Bali. It is famous for its temples, beautiful beach views and luxurious places to visit. Bali has some amazing spas that helps you relax and has got some great yoga trainers as well.


Located in the east Africa on the Indian Ocean is the archipelago that consists of one hundred and fifteen islands. The island of Seychelles is famous for its white satisfying sand and the blue sea which makes the vacations relaxing and peaceful.


One of the most famous tropical islands, that is located in the Africa is also famous as the honey moon destination. Mauritius has some luxurious resorts and spas to relax during the vacations. For the water sports and scuba diving lovers, Riviere Noire is the best and ideal place in Mauritius.


Phuket, located in Thailand, is most affordable island to visit during the vacations. The palm trees and the white sand are absolutely pleasing for the visitors. Phuket is also an ideal destination for the water sports lovers and Scuba divers.